Volume 5, No 1-4 (13-16), Quarter I-IV, 2010

1. Makarov V.L. "Artificial Societies: A new Tool to understand how a Society works"

2. Gizatov N.R., Zulkarnay I.U. “Agent-based model “How having natural recourses affects innovative economy”

3. Lavrov A.A. “Developing the structure of universal simulation model of mass scenes in socio-culture”

4. Bobkova I.A. “The Influence of the Crisis on Gender Structure of the users of Social Networks”

5. Katalevsky D.Yu., Ivanova A.A. “Systematization of the Experience of Teaching the Foundations of System Analysis and Imitational Modeling to Students of Social Sciences”

6. Akhamadullin D.G., Gizatov N.R. “Agent-based Model of Salary Size Influence on the Development of Economy”

7. Gizatov N.R. “A Review of Socio-Economic Agent-Based Models” 

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