Volume 4, No 1-4 (9-12), Quarter I-IV, 2009

Scientific articles

    • Zulkarnai I. U., Gizatov N.R. Agent-based modeling in solving the tasks of economic federalism
    • Bobkova I.A. Developing classification for analyzing social networks in the Internet
    • Lavrov A.A. Providing for reliability and convincingness in computerized scenes introduction
    • Makarov V.L., Bakhtizin A.R., Istratov V.A. The Sixth European Conference on Social Simulation
    • Istratov V.A. A Model for human behavior: preliminary calculations
    • Konkova T.A. Special issues in modeling artificial societies
    • Savelyev A.V. On the possibility of conscious modeling of the unconscious in artificial systems
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